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You are stuck, what do you do?

When I was around ten I was away at camp for the week and on this specific day we were going out on the lake in rowboats. As we lined up to get into our boats, four at a time, when it came to my boat there weren’t any counselors left to join us. So there we go, four of us, who being from the Bronx had not rowed before, off into the lake.

Whether by rowing or floating, I am not sure how, we ended up in the middle of the lake. Ah the beauty, the serenity, the panic!

I remember we got the call for all the rowboats to return to the dock. As the four of us looked at each other, we weren’t quite sure what to do. One by one, we would take turns trying to steer ourselves towards shore, but we more often found ourselves turning in circles. The counselors kept yelling at us to come in.

Two of the girls in the boat began to panic. How would we get back? What if we stayed stuck? Believe it or not, the other girl in the boat not in a panic was also named Shari. This is where the two Shari’s put their heads (and hands together).

I remember we decided that maybe as a pair we could make this work. She and I each took an oar, and together we began to row. Working together we found ourselves moving along the water and although maybe not in the straightest of lines, heading towards the dock.

As we reached the shore, the other boats were already tied up and the counselors and girls stood waiting for us. We did it, together we had a solution to a problem that alone we were not able to resolve.

Yes, we were ten, and no it wasn’t the biggest problem in the world, but a little creative thinking and together we created a solution. So whether you are ten, fifty or ninety-five, when faced with a problem, consider joining forces with others and see what can result (even if they don’t share your name).

When did you get creative with someone in solving a problem? Share with me in the comments below.

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