You are Not Alone

Time and time again when I am working in groups where we focus on life challenges there seems to be a collective sigh at the end of session. This is when people embrace the fact that they are not alone. To learn that others share in one’s fears, obstacles and challenges can shift how one feels about themselves and their lives.

Often when we are facing difficult times in our lives, whether it is a block that keeps us from doing something or a trauma from a loss, it helps to know that there are others who experience or have experienced our challenges. It is sometimes difficult to share with others how we feel for fear that they will think we are being silly, not understand or just tell us “get over it”. It is a vulnerable time when we admit to ourselves that we are feeling afraid let alone share it with someone else. However difficult it is to expose ourselves by sharing our feelings and thoughts, it can help us take large steps forward in feeling supported and even a bit stronger in moving ahead.

There are many paths in finding someone who you feel safe to open up your heart to. Sometimes a friend or a family member can be a comfortable place to turn. They know you, and may also be close to the situation you face. On the other hand, they also may be so close to you that it is difficult for you or them to discuss the subject openly. Choosing to speak to someone a little bit further removed from you or may not even know you at all may offer the freedom to let somebody in without the feeling of judgment. Options can include a workshop where people share in the same goals and focus, a support group, or a therapist. These alternatives may provide you insight and support.

Whomever you choose to speak with make sure you feel that you have found the right person or persons to establish trust. This will make it easier to open up and share the vulnerable side of you.

Whether you are ready to share your fears with others or not, realize that many around you may be experiencing the same things you are and that sometimes an outside perspective can shift your view or approach to making issues feel more manageable and you more in control.