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Whoop Whoop Big Celebration this Week !!!

I had a huge celebration this week. There was no party, no candles, no big gathering. And yes, it was my birthday, but that was not the focus on my celebration. I was celebrating my life.

On my birthday I received a number of texts, cards, calls (even a few renditions of Happy Birthday sung to me) and yes, thanks to Facebook a number of posts. The wishes from everyone were wonderful and made me grateful for the people I have come in contact with and who are in my life.

My birthday is also a time for reflection. It’s a tradition I do on every birthday. My day starts with me sitting with my journal and writing. I reflect on who I have become. What kind of wife, mother (to my dog), friend, teacher, and person am I? Where have I grown? What are the things and who are the people am grateful for. I also take the time to consider what fears I faced during the year and when I stepped into courage what did I accomplish? I sit quietly, reflect and write.

My celebration was for my life, and what I have built around me. Is there more that I want to accomplish? Absolutely! Are there ways I could be more supportive to other people? No doubt. But this is growth, and as long as I keep growing, I’ll keep moving forward and celebrating life.

A personal thank you to you for reading my blogs and allowing me to share my messages with you each week.

How do you celebrate you and your life? Share with me below.