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Who is Invited to Your Special Dinner?

Imagine, you are hosting an amazing intimate dinner. The location is chosen and will be beautifully decorated, the caterers have the menu, and every little detail is set exactly to the specifications of your dream dinner. Every little detail but one, who you are inviting.

Over the years I have amused myself and others with the question, “If you could invite any six people to dinner, who would you invite?” When I ask others I often get back an array of questions: Do they have to be living, or could they be dead? Either. Does the six include my significant other? No. Do I have to know them? No. Am I bad if I don’t make it my family? No. In reality it is a hypothetical question so you get to make the rules, and there is no one to impress with your answer.

But here are some interesting things to think about: What interests you about each person that leads you to put them on your guest list? Do they have something in common, or do they each represent something that you would like to learn about or discuss? If these individuals were around the table, what would you ask?

Over the years of playing this game in my mind, my guests have changed. Sometimes they are people I truly admire and would love to learn from; other times they are people I believe would create an evening of fun and laughter; at times I expect they would together inspire great conversation; and other times it is just because I feel we would really get along.

As diversified as those reasons are, so are the people who have been on my list. At times I have had Arianna Huffington, Oprah, Billy Joel, the Dalai Lama, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Thich Nhat Hanh, and many, many more.

Who is on my list today? I haven’t given it much thought recently, but now I am inspired to once again create my invitation list. Who would you invite to your special dinner? Share with me below.

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