When I Didn’t Have Dreams

Something this morning made me reflect on dreams; not the dreams we have at night but life dreams. I remember a number of years ago where I would be around people who would be talking about their life dreams. What they would do if they could? Who they would meet? Where they would go? I would quietly sit there thinking to myself, “What is it to have dream like that? I don’t have any dreams.”

I then would spend time later by myself trying to think of a dream that made me feel inspired. Not wishes, I had plenty of those. Wishes to me were more immediate and not as big, but a life dream to create large change, I just didn’t seem to have one surface.

As I thought about it this morning the words that came to me were, “Wow how things of changed!” A few years ago although I enjoyed the value I was bringing to my team (I worked in technology then) and the joy I brought others through my two yoga classes a week began to seem small compared to what I wanted to do. I began to dream.

I had learned and created a number of tools to help me feel more relaxed, healthy, and happier and began to recognize there was a lot of things in life that I was grateful for. I began to dream of spreading that information to a wider audience. I wanted as many people as possible to feel this excitement I had of how a simple shift in breathing, thought or movement could have such a big impact on their lives.

The dreams were flowing and I took the leap to follow them. I left the technology field full-time and focused on following my dream. In no way was it easy, and it was scary, but it felt right. Here I am a few years later living that dream. I am blessed to interact and impact amazing people each week through classes, workshops, coaching, writing, a CD, an eBook, my website, and yes, even Facebook. Just two years ago, I didn’t even have these things on my mind.

So as I reflect back on the time in my life where I couldn’t find my dreams, I guess I was supposed to focus on what was in front of me at the time. I am so grateful though for stepping into a time where the dreams just keep flowing.

I have so many dreams I want to achieve, and am working towards them including:

  • Releasing an online course so anyone (even the doubters) can create a meditation practice and see how it changes life in so many positive ways;
  • Speaking in front of more companies, corporations and groups to help the busiest people learn techniques to relax in just the few minutes they may find in their day;
  • Coaching more people to learn how to better interact with others; manage their time and tasks; effectively communicate and be more successful all around in handling stressful situations;
  • Receiving invites to speak and teach in amazingly beautiful locations;
  • Inspiring people around the world and of all ages to see themselves as “worth the time” in caring for themselves, believing dreams are possible and feeling better in their bodies and minds;
  • Writing a best-selling book (too many topic ideas to list here);
  • Living in an area where winters aren’t as harsh as the U.S. East Coast and where I am surrounded by nature.

The list could go on, but I’ll stop there. The point is, I have a lot of dreams to chase and I am exhilarated by just thinking of them. I look forward to my journey in following them and all the new dreams ahead.

What are your life dreams and are you taking steps towards them? Are you without a dream right now and how does that make you feel? Share with me below.