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When Cleaning My Kitchen Cabinets Becomes Exciting

Ever been faced with a task that you just didn’t want to do, whether it was because it was challenging, uncomfortable or just something you didn’t enjoy? I have, and when that happens, and procrastination becomes an option, even the most mundane tasks can seem worth doing. Yes, tasks I would normally turn away from become attractive, if it helps me to avoid the primary project at hand. That’s when even cleaning my kitchen cabinets becomes exciting.

Here are three tips on how to overcome procrastination:

1. Schedule the tasks that you would normally procrastinate on for the first thing in your day. Your attention and resolve will be higher and you won’t spend the day dreading doing the project later. When you work on it first thing, you can feel a sense of accomplishment early on and set yourself up for more productivity as the day progresses.

2. Break down the bigger task into small ones. When you focus on the first few steps you need to take, versus the completion of the entire project, it can seem less overwhelming and more manageable. Start with the first few steps to move your forward, then when complete, name the next few things to do.

3. Avoid Projecting the Outcome. Our minds are very creative and seek to fill in gaps. So when we have to do something and there are multiple outcomes, the mind begins to race to come up with every scenario possible. Instead of projecting what could happen, focus on the action you need to take.

Often when we complete something that we have been procrastinating on, it turns out to be much easier than we anticipated, we feel good, and wonder why we waiting for so long to get it done. As far as my kitchen cabinets go. They do need to be cleaned, but many I’ll go organize my desk drawers first.