What Would You Tell the Younger You?

Have you ever said, “I wish I knew then what I know now”? I know I have. In some cases what once seemed like a challenge and sometimes even insurmountable now seems like no big thing. In other situations where I never thought I would get through the hurt or fear, it too did pass.

That’s the great thing about life. You move on and hopefully learn and grow as a person. And yes, it would be great to know all the lessons that you needed to early on but honestly would you have listened? I bet there is a time or two when someone gave you some great advice and yet you went ahead and followed your own path anyway only finding out they were right in the first place.

Well you are now a wiser person than you were when you were young. You have a mass of experience under your belt. Maybe being the wise person that you are, you seek to share your insights with others: children, friends, even strangers through a blog. Just don’t get upset if they don’t embrace the sage advice and choose to learn on their own.

Today I have a challenge for you. Think back in time to a younger you. Maybe it was your pre-teen years, maybe a bit older, or maybe it was as recent as last week. What piece of advice would you tell the younger you?

Wondering what I would tell myself? I’ll tell you. “Take more chances. It doesn’t matter if you may look silly or it is a bit scary. Some of the best things you can discover in life are when you venture into the unknown.”

Share with me below what piece of knowledge you would provide the younger you. I’d love to hear it!