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What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

As the zip-line roller-coaster ride begins the rider is traveling in a straight line. And that’s when it happen, you get hit with a quick turn and then another. Further into the adventure, the zip-line creates a wave, as it sends the rider up, then down, then up, then down and then again evens out. Oh and did I mention there are more quick turns? I believe some may be unexpected turns because I am sure the riders’ must close his/her eyes as some point, either out of “what did I get myself into” or from laughing so hard the tears are flowing.

Often in life I feel this exact same way. Life or a project seems to be moving along, I’m cool, it’s going smoothly and then whack, I am hit with a turn. Or as the project is going along it has an up, then a down and an up and then a down again, making me feel like I am riding a roller-coaster. The good news is, in between the twists and turns there are often straightaways for me to catch my breath.

Occasionally I feel like I “I got this”, confident and on the straight-away. Other times I hit twists and turns one after another, created from an outside source or self-imposed with self-doubts and emotions. These times can make me question what I’ve gotten myself into.

Honestly sometimes you just have to laugh at what you are doing and the challenges. The best thing I find is to know that life and projects can be roller-coasters and that eventually the ride settles out.

Sure, maybe you wish the ride was a little steadier like the kiddie section of the amusement park, but you would miss out on the excitement and exhilaration that comes along with the ride. And honestly, often when you see the person who was scared to get on a frightening ride at the end of the journey, they are frequently the one ready to go on the ride again.

So much like that nervous person, take the steps to get on the ride, embrace it and you may just find you are ready to jump on the ride again.

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