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Trust in a process, in others or even in oneself can be challenging. It can often surface emotions based on previous experiences, fear or vulnerability.

By overcoming these obstacles, and allowing trust into our world, we can reap great benefits.

When traveling a new journey, or learning a new thing, there can be great relief in understanding what lies ahead; the steps that will happen; the expectations. There are times where that process is unknown as we charter a new territory for ourselves. Do we move forward or do we not? A lot of decisions may be in play, as well as the desire for a guarantee that what we place our trust in will work. Quite often that guarantee, although desired, doesn’t exist. The need is to trust that the process will guide you.

There are times where we are called to put our trust in others. This can be a truly vulnerable place, especially when previously our trust was betrayed, whether by the same person or someone totally unrelated to the situation. We sometimes must go deeper to uncover the ability to release the fear and move forward.

Facing the fact that others may have put their trust in us, and that we failed to uphold that trust can be a deep exploration of ourselves. Has someone opened themselves to us, and we let them down? Is there a way for us to correct this and work to earn back that trust?

If we look in the mirror we may find that we have also failed in trusting ourselves, believing that we are worthy and capable. Too often we look outward to where we have not felt comfortable to place our trust, and we don’t reflect on where we let ourselves stay trapped in our fears.

It can be unsettling to trust. What if we are let down, disappointed or hurt? These are all possibilities, and if they happen, must be faced. Although that might lead to an uncomfortable situation, at least an attempt was made, and we put ourselves out there. By not putting our trust in the things and the people around us, we may lose out on opportunity, and great growth and discovery.

Share with me, have you ever worked to earn somebody’s trust, and what did you do?