Time to Get Off My But

Before all of you out there who are great at spelling inform me that I have misspelled the last word in the blog title, read a bit further. Yes, there are definitely times where I should get off my butt, but today I’m am focusing on the other but. The word that comes up sometimes when something new comes my way.

The great thing about life is new opportunities and new ideas surface all the time. The challenge is often the self-doubt that comes along with them. Have you ever had an idea followed by the thought: but it will be hard work, but I’ve never done it before or but what if I fail? I know I have.

The trick is to get off my “but” and go take the steps to make it happen. In all honesty, I don’t really need to lose the “but”, but (ha, see how that goes) turn it into a positive: but what if I succeed, but I can learn from others how to do it; but what is the worst that could happen?

Too many times the” but” that is associated with self-doubt keeps us from moving forward. Unfortunately it can also prevent us from experiencing things we would enjoy or reaching heights we never dreamt of. So next time I am face with a self-doubting but, I am going to turn it around and take steps to move it forward.

What about you? What have you had self-doubt about recently that caused the “but what if” to come up for you? Do you think you can join me in challenging it next time it comes up?