Time to Ask, Should I Change Direction

Have you ever started something, for example a task or project and as you are doing it, you don’t feel like you are going down the right path? You question whether you should stop. Then you begin to think of all the reasons you should continue. I am not a quitter. I put time and/or money into it. What will others think? Sometimes acknowledging that something is not right and it is not worth pursuing can be the best decision in freeing yourself up to do something of greater value.

I recently started a project. It would take an investment of time but I expected it would have value when it was complete. Each time I went to work on the project something stood in my way. Sometimes the equipment wouldn’t work, other times I just couldn’t get my mind focused. It was frustrating me that I couldn’t seem to move forward with the project so I finally sat and meditated on it. I needed to explore what was keeping me from making progress.

In my mind I knew that there was a good purpose to doing this project. What I discovered was that my heart really wasn’t in it. If the passion towards the project was there I would push through the obstacles instead of feeling held back. I had done that before. But the passion just wasn’t there.

So now what? Do I move on, do I keep moving forward, what should I do? As I continued to tap into what my inner guidance was telling me I found my answer. Yes, it is a worthwhile project but without the passion it wouldn’t be the best results I could produce. Therefore, I should table the project and if at a future date that passion showed up, I could revisit it.

In the meantime, sitting with my inner guidance a new idea popped into my head. Immediately I felt excited about it. My mind flooded with concepts on how to take it forward. I felt the passion I was missing with the initial project. I knew it was time to redirect myself.

If you are doing something that just doesn’t feel right sit quietly and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Who am I doing it for?
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • Am I excited to do it?
  • Is there something else that I could do that would better serve my time and energy?

It can be challenging to walk away from something you have started. It can bring up feelings of failure and other insecurities. But recognizing that your time and energy focused elsewhere would be better served can be liberating. And yes, you may lose the time or money you invested in starting a project but ask yourself if you are moving forward just because of that, or if it serves you in a way that deep down feels right for you.

What have you started and didn’t want to continue? Did you walk away or did you continue anyway? Share with me below.