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Time to Hit the Reset Button?

Almost with a sigh of desperation, Kathy said to me, “I feel like I am going backwards rather than moving forward.” Often when change happens we can feel we are moving in reverse, but when we stop to look at it objectively, we can be surprised at what surfaces as progress.

Not too long ago, Kathy decided to change a few things in her life. To begin with, she chose not to renew the lease for business storefront. Honestly, she had lost the spark she once had getting up in the morning and arriving at her space.

Having left the location also meant moving all her supplies, inventory and paperwork into her home. She felt the pressure of deciding next steps as she also experienced feeling closed in by the clutter that surrounded her.

Kathy’s business had been doing well, it just no longer fulfilled her. She took the ending of her lease as an opportunity to make a decision of whether or not to stay status quo.

Once she made the decision to move on, she knew it was right but she felt scared. What would she do now? Would she find something that would inspire her as the original business once did? She felt trapped. Trapped in her home as she was surrounded by the clutter of what her old business left behind.

As we chatted, I learned more about what Kathy had been thinking and doing recently.

Kathy had been to a workshop I had given earlier in the year. She told me that she had begun to apply some of the exercises I had shared that day in discovering her passion and her true why, and how to use it as the foundation of her business.

As she worked through the exercises she had uncovered a new area of focus for herself and her business. It took her current market and niched it down to a narrower audience. As she spoke about her ideas her voice and shoulders both lifted. She seemed to grow lighter the more she shared.

She spoke of her perfect client, her avatar, and what she discovered as she again had gone deeper into the exercises from the day she attended my session.

Kathy was on the right track for now taking the next steps in building the foundation to her business, so next we would work together to identify how she could connect with her avatar and provide significant value.

There was still another issue I wanted to ask Kathy to address, the clutter in her home. Each time she looked at her the remnants of her old business around her she felt the weight return to her shoulders. It was time to eliminate what no longer was necessary and open her space both physically and mentally.

We discussed how bringing someone in to help sort through the details was an option, but focused on first her taking a stab at it. We set small goals of what she would address each day, so that the enormity of the task didn’t paralyze her. She now felt that she had the focus and the ability to move forward.

I looked at Kathy and saw the significant difference in the person who had started the conversation to the person who now sat in front of me. She seemed more relaxed, and even had a smile gracing her face.

When I asked her how she felt she replied, “I recognize how much relief I had in deciding to move on from my previous business. Although there is some fear I have about starting out again, I know that by taking the time to tap into myself, my passion and building the foundation, I can create something that not only feeds me but serves so many other people.”

I am happy to say that in continuing to work with Kathy, she has made huge progress in creating her business and is starting to build out the content that will bring huge value to her audience.

As Kathy discovered, sometimes what you no longer feel the drive to keep doing what you are doing, it can be an opportunity to reset or change direction. Tapping into that courage to follow the path that presents itself can provide a whole new world of possibilities.

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