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Those 3 Words… I Mean 6 Words

My Six Words, Here and Now

I sat down recently to explore what six words I, at this time and place in my life, choose to live by. It is an interesting exercise that led me to:

1.     identify where my focus is right now;

2.     prioritize the more than six words I initially came up with;

3.     and recognize the trend of what remains important to me over time.

My six words are: Courage, Kindness, Compassion, Accept, Joy and Gratitude.  They are in no particular order. What do these words represent to me right now? See below.


Demonstrate courage by leaning into your fears and challenges. You never know what wonderful gifts you will find.


Share your kindness with others including those close to you and those you have yet to meet. You never know how your words, smile and deeds can positively impact someone else.


Demonstrate compassion for others in all that you do. Everyone has a challenge or fear that they are facing. You never know how far your compassion can reach.


Accept where you are in this moment and that all is meant to be. In both the happy and the challenging times we have the opportunity to learn, grow and experience new things. It is how we approach them that counts.


Find the joy in what you do – even in the most mundane task.


Practice gratitude for the opportunities, people, experiences and challenges that appear in your life.

Did any of those words resonate with you? You may be wondering why six words. I don’t know…I chose that number. It just felt right.  Yes, there is more I live by but these act as reminders as to what I want to bring forth each day for myself right now.

As I mentioned the words are in no particular order but Courage does rise to the top. It is a word I have held focus on for a while as I find myself more frequently, at this juncture of my life, facing opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. The word hangs boldly on a bright orange sticker on my desk wall. I look at it multiple times a day as I sit here to remind myself that when a time of uncertainty rises up, I will tap into the Courage to lean into the fear and uncertainty.

What do I do with these words? Just keep them in mind as I move through each day and make sure I am practicing them.  If you were to come up with six words that you want to live by every day, what would they be? Think about it and share with me below what is important to you at this time.

With gratitude,