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The Seven Dwarfs – Did they make a good team?

Each morning the seven dwarfs would rise and march down to the mine for a day of work. As anyone who knows the story is aware, the dwarfs had very different personalities, much like any great team does. It is easy to create a group to address a task where those you gather have the same characteristics and beliefs, but when a team is cookie cutter of one another, you may find a few challenges arise.

If you find yourself in a team of people who love to dream and be innovated, you may find that there is no one that is interested in the details around actually implementing the ideas. In a group of people who like to take charge, you may find discord as each try to take control. If surrounded by those who know the tasks to be done, but no one is strong in organization, then it may make it difficult to get a plan of action.

Diversity within a team can make it stronger, by leveraging the varied strengths of each person. There may be great innovators, balanced with those who like to take action, and those who like to create a plan to move things forward. There may be some who love to go out and speak to others, to get support or clients, while others prefer working internally to get things going. What brings the team together is the culture of the group. A balanced team is an effective team.

Having a balanced team does not mean everyone has to have different personalities, in fact overlap is good. But limiting yourself to one set of characteristics can limit your success as well. As far as the Seven Dwarfs go, they were quite diversified group, but together the lived and played as a team.  Think about it, Grumpy and Happy must have been a great counter balance to one another.

In your social or your business life, what group are you part of that seems well balanced? What different personalities make up the group?

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