The Body is Much Wiser than your Mind

Recently as I looked at all that was going on in my life I knew I was tackling a lot and thought I had it under control. I was so proud of myself for not being stressed. Yes, I know that many of you expect that as a yoga teach and stress reduction coach that I don’t have stress, but surprise everyone does! What I do have are the tools to tap into when it shows up, but I’m jumping ahead.

So here I am going through my days and in my head saying I’m not stressed but I realized my body was telling me otherwise. I have signals that show up in my body when I get stressed, just like everyone does. The key is knowing your signals. Some people begin breaking out, others feel drained of energy, many have restless sleep, and the list goes on of how stress can appear in your body.

Now I mentioned that in my head I believed I had it all under control but I know that my body is much more insightful. So now came two steps: peeling back the onion as they say to identify why I was stressed and then engaging some relaxation techniques to reduce the stress.

The best way I have found to uncover where the stress lies is to sit quietly in meditation. When I say quietly, I am not referring to not having sound around me, but instead quieting down my mind of all the noise: the to-dos, the random thoughts and more. And yes, it is easier to do sometimes than others. As those things grow quiet I am better attuned to what is really going on inside.

If you don’t know how to meditate, come join me to learn how, or just sit, take a deep breath in and out and then just ask yourself, “What is bothering me?” The answer may or may not come quickly. It can be a process. It may come later in the day, or even a few days later, but stopping first to recognize that you are stressed and then asking your wise self “why” is important.

The other key step is to employ a way to reduce the stress. Whether it is changing what is causing the stress; engaging your breath; talking it through with someone; or writing in your journal, it is essential to find a way to reduce the stress and keep yourself healthy.

I have sat to uncover where my stress comes from and am taking steps to manage and resolve it. I am grateful to my body for being honest with me versus the false guidance my mind has brought forward.

Remember that your body is wiser than your mind in many ways and when you slow down to listen to the messages it provides, so many things can be uncovered. If you are feeling stress, find the ways to decrease it, whether through mediation, exercise, being with friends or whatever it is that helps you.

If you would like some tools, be sure to visit my website, and check out the videos, guided mediations and more.

How does stress show up in your body and how do you work with it?