I always leave class, feeling relaxed.​

“Shari makes me feel welcome from the moment I walk into yoga class. Her voice, and the music she uses, are calming. She makes sure I understand how to do the yoga poses and flows properly to get the most out of my practice and to keep me from injuring myself. She offers adjustments to yoga poses that fit different abilities. If I come to class with an ache or pain, it is often gone by the time the class is over, and I always leave class, feeling relaxed."​

- Rana

It's very non-judgemental.

"It is very low-key. It's very non-judgmental. And this is probably the first yoga class I've taken probably ever, where there's been absolutely no judgment on what you can or can't do. Or if you decide to do a pose or if you decide, well, I'm not feeling like I need to do that right now. I think I'm gonna sink back into child pose instead. And there's absolutely no judgment for that. And throughout the class, I almost feel like you encourage us to do that."

- Helen

Before...I had a sense of fear...

“Before I took these classes, I had a sense of fear that I might not be able to get through an entire class because my energy levels were low. I had a lot of other stresses in my life that I had to juggle, but with the support that I was given from Shari and from the other group members, I very quickly started to realize that not only could I do it, but I would be encouraged to do it"

- Sally

Shari is by far the best yoga instructor I have had.​

“Shari is by far the best yoga instructor I have had. She connects with everyone in her class, makes sure that postures are performed correctly and safely. She provides alternatives for people who are difficulty with a posture. It is easy to follow her sequences through her clear verbal skills. Most of all Shari's classes are fun. My flexibility, balance and feeling of well being have been enhanced with Shari's Yoga classes."​

- Bob

I find the classes to be a gift.​

“I find the classes to be a gift. You have a calming, focused instructional approach that I love. My days at work can be very hectic and stressful. Joining your classes has been a blessing of relaxation that I would not have realized in my normal routine."​

- Debbie F.

The perfect balance of...

“The perfect balance of focus and flexibility, breathing and adaptations, kindness and generosity, peace and connection with ourselves and each other. "

- Sharon

Shari is the best.

“After years of finding excuses not to attend my exercise classes, I tried yoga----and I found Shari. Her warmth, patience, knowledge and sense of humor made me really look forward to our weekly class. That was nine years ago! Shari is the best."

- Janet

I cannot image my life without it!​

“After my first yoga class years ago, I thought 'I am not going be able to do this.' Three years later, yoga has become an essential part of my life. It has helped to eliminate my chronic back pain. I have learned breathing techniques which have become an important tool in my stress management. Shari offers modifications to the postures which makes it possible for me to fully participate. I have noticed improvements in my balance and posture. Yoga has become a part of my routine now, and I cannot imagine my life without it. "

- Nora

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