Stepping Away From the day-to-day

Have you ever had a day where you had a hole in your schedule so you thought you would stay home and relax?  As you set out to relax you see that bill you have been meaning to pay, so you sit down to write out the check. Then you remember that you need to send your sister the birthday card you bought her. Where did you put it? You start looking for it and you come across a pile of papers to go into the recycling bucket.  You go to place them there and begin to organize the recycling pile. Before you know it the time you allotted to relax is gone.

Sometimes breaking away from our daily environment can be the best way for us to relax. It helps to eliminate the distractions we have around us.  What better way to do that then on a retreat?  I find that when I come back home from a retreat I am much better mind set. I work to hold that sense of calm, serenity and sometimes excitement I developed while away.

Join me Friday, June 6th through Sunday, June 8th for a weekend retreat at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. We will spend a weekend in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.  Last November fifteen of us went up to enjoy a weekend of Rest & Rejuvenation, participating in various activities and everyone had a great time. If you join us, yes there are yoga classes, and noon-time dance, but you also can explore other classes offered that weekend which may include learning to write from your heart, introduction to meditation or Thai massage. You might prefer to spend your time outside at the lake, or on a hike. Perhaps a massage or facial sounds more your style, or just sitting in a beautiful setting with a book. Your time is yours to decide what you want to do.
To learn more about Kripalu and this retreat visit \”Offerings\”

So whether you join me at Kripalu or find another place to retreat to, take that time for yourself to relax, and add some laughter, joy and discovery into your life.

Light and Love,