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Standing in my Circle of Strength

I sometimes feel like I am two different people. Sometimes I am confident and strong, knowing each step to take, other times I am filled with insecurities that can make me hesitant to even take a baby step.  Recently a friend told me about the Circle of Strength and I have been using it ever since to move past my fears.

As I described my uncertainties and concerns my friend said she visualized me holding a black cloak around me protecting me. I visualized myself wearing that cloak, which seemed to weight 500-pounds because it seemed impossible to lift my arms. She suggested that I drop the cloak, and as I did a ton of weight dropped from me and my arms felt light. Next she said, step into your Circle of Strength. I visualized a circle drawn on the ground and within it only the strongest person I could be was allowed to exist. The person inside that circle didn’t focus on the doubts, just taking steps forward, knowing that even if she failed it was a lesson. And so I stepped.

While in that circle I defined what steps I would need to move forward, as if my fears couldn’t keep me back. Then it became my responsibility to take those steps.

I have been using my Circle of Strength frequently and have taken steps I would normally would have resisted. Some things have turned out great, others have just fizzled, but I am happy that I least put myself out there to try.

So the next time you feel the resistance to do something because of your insecurities, fears or doubts, drop your cloak and step in the Circle of Strength. Here too you can find it amazing what you may learn, move past or achieve.

Share with me what have you resisted doing because of fear and were able to push past. How did you get through it and how did you feel afterwards?