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Pushed to the Edge of my COMFORT ZONE

This week’s blog is a continuation of last week’s. If you haven’t read it, feel free to go back, or you can jump in here.

I left off where I was stuck and needed some help. I broke free to step into my Circle of Strength to search for the answers.

A few things did. First I reached out to someone to use as a sounding board for my ideas. As we discussed my thoughts and concerns, I realized that this was not the right person for me to tap into for this purpose. Did I fail?

No, I knew I needed a different type of person to help me. I reached out to someone that I thought would be better suited to work with me on this and set an appointment. That appointment would be a couple of weeks out so I had time to keep working on it myself.

I stepped myself back to the basics: what did I want to accomplish and why?

The why was important to be the motivation for moving me forward next time the cloak started to reappear. Then I started to look at the things I could do to support the goals. Yes, some of the same ideas I had worked with previously resurfaced, but a few new ideas began to pop.

When some of the new ideas came forward they immediately pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone. The what-ifs and self-doubts began to surface. Recognizing that, I stepped into my Circle of Strength and looked at what I would need to do to move those things forward.

I won’t go into the details for you, but I am proud to say that although the plan is not one-hundred percent complete, I have already taken action on some things that I would have previously shied away from. I find excitement each day in the steps of moving these activities forward.

Yes, I am still a bit nervous, I mean I am in a totally new untouched world for me. But no matter what happens, I am proud I shed the cloak, stepped into my Circle of Strength and took chances. Hopefully I won’t need to find 10,000 ways that don’t work before I find the one that does, but hey I’m ready for what it takes to discover what is ahead.

Where have you ever been afraid to move forward? What helped you step into you Circle of Strength and how did it turn out? Share your story with me below!