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My Favorite Time of Day

My favorite time of day is morning. Okay, I hear some of you saying “What are you crazy?!?!?” For me morning brings a sense of peace before the craziness of the day, and the rush of the world begins.

I like to start my day in silence, other than the sounds of nature. I love to wake to the birds happily singing as they welcome the new day, to hear the leaves settling in the trees as the dew begins to roll off, and overall I like the quiet outside of me, because I find it help to support my inner voice staying soft.

Today is a special morning for me because I am waking in the forest, surrounded by the trees and all the wonderful sounds of nature. I am staying in a mountain cabin, high up on a mountain top.

As my dog and I went for a walk this morning, I connected with what surrounded me.

I was greeted by the sound of a woodpecker. The tat-tat-tat repeatedly played as he investigated the tree he found. The sounds of cardinals joined him, as they chirped their way, hoping from bush to tree. As I stood still, I could her droplets of water making their way from branch to the forest ground. In the distance I heard sounds I could not recognize. Perhaps another type of bird, a squirrel, but it remained a mystery to me.

The sounds were not all that surrounded me, there were the peaceful, beautiful sights as well. Being high in elevation, I sometimes am above the clouds, but this morning, I lived in them and could watch as they floated around me and past me. The light began to reflect off the leaves, creating highlights in some areas, and shadows in others.

With all senses heightened, I could smell the freshness of the air mixed with the soft scent of a flower. The air felt cool and crisp against my skin, as I invited myself to taste a juicy berry calling out to me.

Will the forest and the experience be as wonderful later in the day? Absolutely, but it will be different. The activity level will rise, the temperature will change, and the light will dance in different ways. Later in the day my surroundings will still bring great joy and beauty but for now I find myself dazzled with the start of the day.

What is your favorite time of day and what makes it special for you? Share will me below.

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