Messages From the Universe

The messages are coming to us, but sometimes we don’t listen. Whether you believe in God, angels, the universe, or your internal guidance counselor you are receiving messages. Sometimes they are spoken so softly you have to sit quietly to hear them. If you fail to hear the message, it is often repeated. And if you still fail to hear it, it may be repeated again only louder. Sometimes we have missed listening to the message so many times that it is so loud that it almost knocks us over.

So how do we tune into the messages. The best way to tune is to create silence in your life. Now many of you are probably thinking that’s funny. How can there be silence when I’m running from dressing the kids for school, to making lunches for everyone, to running off to work after doing a bundle of laundry, to coming home, getting dinner on the table, to finishing up emails to collapsing in bed. Or something along those lines. The answer is you have to create the moments, even if they are only a minute long, to create the silence.

In my eBook Reducing Stress in Your Everyday Life in as Little as Sixty-Seconds I offer various areas to find that sixty-seconds or longer, and provide guidance on practices you can do to reduce your stress. An quick and simple exercise you can do if take a deep breath in, hold it for  few seconds, let out a long exhalation, hold it out for a few seconds. This exercise alone, which can take you less than a minute can help you to relax. Repeat for as long as you like. Since many of us spend so much time in our cars, I like to suggest that when you stop at a red light, do this practice. You might find yourself slowing down for red lights. In that time that you focus on your breath see if any messages come up for you. It may take some time before you hear them. Maybe it comes to you where you placed the scarf you have been looking for that you thought you lost. Maybe it brings to mind a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while that you should call. Just see what surfaces.

If there is a theme that continues to surface for you during the week, pay attention. Maybe it’s a word that people keep using that you never really notice before such as shift, fear, breath. If that happens, it could be a sign that you are meant to explore what that means to you. Is there something that you are supposed to shift in how you see something, or is there something you fear that you need to investigate why, or are you just meant to remind yourself to breathe? Whatever it is, listen. And if you think that you are making up the message in your mind, guess what. You are your best advisor. So listen.