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Let Someone Know He or She is Special

Recently I heard someone talking about a person they admired. She went on to list all the reasons why she thought this person was special. It was nice to hear. A person involved in the conversation replied, “You should let that person know how you feel, whether you tell them directly or write them a note.” Hearing that made me smile.

So many times in our lives there are things we appreciate about people that we never share with them: a friendly greeting every morning, their humor, the kindness they show when you need help, and more.

When we show our appreciation by thanking them or letting them know how they positively impact our lives, we can make a difference in theirs.

Years ago I began working with someone. We had been in the same company for many years but had never been previously introduced. As we got acquainted she thanked me. It turned out that for the two previous years, when we passed in the halls I would smile and greet her with a hello. She felt I always acknowledged her.

Although we did not know each other she said that the smile would make her feel happy. Although it was just a natural thing for me to smile and offer a greeting, it meant something to her. For her to tell me that, made me feel good and glad that I could make someone feel that way.

There are so many people that impact our lives daily, some are a passing influence others are much greater. Whether they leave a big or small impression on us it can be a great gift to let them know. As the person I first mentioned said, it can be as simple as telling someone how they make you feel or what you appreciate about them. Their second suggestion has always been my favorite, writing a note.

In a world of emails and texts, we often don’t received notes anymore, and there is something special in having something physical to hold as we read the message. It also gives the person the opportunity to revisit your message over again. That isn’t to say that if you don’t have the time to write a note that telling them face-to-face or through text and email isn’t valuable.

So whether it is through conversation, the written word or electronics, take the time today to tell someone why you believe he/she is special. Your sharing just might make someone’s day extra special.

Share with me below something that you appreciate about someone in your life.