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I Asked a Question and Was Met with a Magical Response

I woke up one morning earlier this month and had an idea. I often have ideas and sometimes they go sideways, nowhere at all, but this one…one word to describe it….AWESOME.

The idea was to ask my students throughout the month to contribute to my idea, the Yoga Gratitude Project. It was easy. I brought with me to each class I taught during the month a flip chart paper with the beginning of a sentence, “I am grateful for Yoga because….”. Students were asked to finish the sentence and write their thoughts on colorful stickies, posting them on the paper.


Over the month the stickies began to cover the page, in some cases they even covered other stickies. Each day it brought me great joy that a) people were participating and b) the things that came up for people were inspirational, funny, enlightening and wonderful and c) people were enjoyed reading what others had written!

Some people were excited and quickly jumped up after each class to add to the colorful array of thoughts, others more hesitant quietly wrote their stickies and snuck them in. Once and a while someone would come and explain why they wrote what they did, giving me the joy of more details of what yoga has meant to them.

Often I wouldn’t have the opportunity after class to read the postings right away. They would return home with me waiting for the trip to the next class. But each morning I took some time to read through the beautiful thoughts people wrote. And each morning I stood there with a sense of warmth, community, joy and a huge smile on my face.

I couldn’t believe the impact of this exercise. People shared how it had changed their life, made them more comfortable in their bodies, more relaxed, have fun. The list was fantastic and I want to share it with you.

List of Contributions to the Yoga Gratitude Project

I also am sharing a picture of what the end result of the Yoga Gratitude Project looks like. It will stand as a reminder to me why the gift of sharing yoga with people is so special and how something can build a community of compassion, joy and support.

So thank you to all that participated. The appreciation I have for each of you for participating in my idea and making it go way beyond my expectations; sharing your thoughts; making me and others smile and showing how Yoga can be a gift to everyone. THANK YOU.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate please respond below with your virtual stickie. Complete the sentence, “I am grateful for Yoga because…..”

With light and love,