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Having the Strength to Let that Sweater Go

I spent a great deal of my morning yesterday letting go. I cleaned out my clothing closet and shed clothes that no longer fit or perhaps are no longer my style. Yes, at one point in time I must have believed they looked good on me. This closet cleaning was a bit different then in the past. I promised myself to let go of things that I had previously had made excuses to keep. Yes, the cleansing of the closet was a bit more intense emotionally.

I know there are many of you like me who have a piece of clothing or two that even though you may not wear it often, or at all, you have a connection to it. Maybe it is a memory of buying it on a vacation, or wearing it to an event, or maybe it just feels comfortable. Whatever the reason it can be difficult to release it.

Well yesterday was my day of letting go. It wasn\’t easy. I sorted through everything and fought the resistance to say to myself, \”I\’m sure I could wear that sometime\”. Instead I tried to replace that thought with, \”If I donate it, maybe someone else can find joy in wearing it\”. So with the opening of my heart and my closet I gathered a good amount to donate and pass on to others. Yes, the shirt I bought at Mt. Rainier that had the beautiful design and saying but became a bit too snug is off to find a new home. The comfortable soft sweater that I loved to wrap myself in will hopefully make someone else feel like they are being hugged.

Often it is difficult to let go of things that hold significance. Frequently it brings a memory to the surface. Isn\’t that why we keep photographs (or digital images these days)? It can pull at the heart strings to let go of something that brings to mind a happy time, feeling or comfort. It is important to separate the object from the feeling. It is the memory that stays within you. Even if the object goes away, you have the opportunity to tap into that memory at any time. By acknowledging that the the object and memory are detached, it can be easier to let go of the physical object resulting in the removal of clutter and making space for the new.

I did my practice of letting go. Hopefully others find happiness with a piece or two of clothing that I once enjoyed. And for me? As difficult as it was to discard some items, I feel happy each time I look in my closet.  It is much more organized and less crowded. What now? Time to go shopping!

Have you ever had difficulty letting go of something you no longer needed or used but it held an emotional attachment? Share with me below.