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Hands Up if You Like Stationery Supplies!

I recently was going through my office closet looking for something I needed for a project. After I found what I was looking for, I went to my phone and texted my friend. The text read, “One of the things I love about us being friends is you also appreciate stationery supplies.”

It’s true. My friend and I could be happy spending time in a store looking at fun designed stickies, paper and more. In fact, when I worked with this friend years ago she would use a pen at work that matches the color of what she is wearing. She still does that today. Freaky to some, fun to others.

I enjoy the fact that we can both appreciate a good pen or a fun note pad. Then I was hit with a surprise. I was having lunch with another friend recently and she said, “I love stationery supplies.” What?!?! Who knew there was enough of us to create a club?

She shared a story about when she was younger and she and her siblings would go into what we used to call stationery stores. After choosing her snack of the day, for many of us those store sold candy and soda in the front and supplies in the back, she would roam the aisles just looking.  I get it, I’ve done it, aah I think I might do that later today.

I know some of you may be sitting there thinking, “They are just wacky” but others are probably thinking, “I know exactly what she is talking about.”  Come on, who doesn’t get excited with fun colored stickies, pens that write smoothly or dry erase markers that smell like fruit?

My husband that is who. As I shared my story with him, he just shook his head at me, as he often will when he can’t relate. Although he never felt the joy we do from stickers and rubber stamps he understands that it is something simple that makes me happy. I know he understands, because he had in the past bought me fun stickies, knowing that it will make my day.

What’s the point of me sharing all this with you? First, if you are a stationery supply lover be proud! Second, and more importantly, it’s important to find the simple things that can make you happy. Maybe for you it is not a pen, but watching a movie that makes you happy, or using a mug that makes you think of the person who gave it to you, or wearing a shirt that feels comfortable and cozy. There are so many simple things that can add to our well of happiness and joy. Be sure to identify one or two of yours and incorporate them more into your life.

What is something simple that brings you joy and a smile to your face?