Going with the Flow

This past weekend, we had what was an unusual day in my household, we slept late.  Usually we are up and off doing our thing early (at least what we call early) in our day.  When I awoke as saw what time it was I was shocked. I asked my husband, “What are we still doing in bed?”  After years of living with me he said, “I guess our bodies needed it.” I always smile at hearing my own words thrown back at me.

He was right, for the last week or so my sleep has been filled with detailed intense dreams. Ones where I seem to wake up exhausted in the morning.  My subconscious seems hard at work.

I dragged myself out of bed and went to my yoga mat to start my practice.  After my yoga and meditation, I got myself ready to “start the day”.  Off to run errands. Often we have to make sure stores would be open by the time we get out the door, there was no question today they would already be bustling.

To make errands “efficient” I usually try to group stores that are located together to complete the tasks.  Today was no different, so I proposed our path.  I also suggested that we print something we had to review together so we could discuss it on the car ride. I was eager to get many things knocked off my to-do list!

After sending the document that would accompany us to the printer, nothing happened.  Now it’s time to troubleshoot our printer versus getting out the door. Of course…the best laid plans….  So there we are triaging the printer and 25 minutes later we finally have what we need.

I have yet to mention that since I had the computer on to print, and we had our document printing, I started writing this blog.  “Ready to go?” I hear my husband ask.  “No I want to finish the blog I started.” This of course delayed our departure even more.  No harm done in the end of course and the lesson here?   Sometimes it is best to just go with the flow.  When have you “gone with the flow” recently?