Finding Community

My husband and I recently returned from the first ever Bermuda Yoga Festival. It was a jammed packed with wonderful classes taught by amazing teachers, group chanting and meditation. The organizers did an incredible job, paying attention to all the details. Thank you to each and every person that contributed to make it such a great event. One of the amazing benefits of a community of people coming together with the purpose of sharing such a practice is the positive energy that is created.

Joining together in a yoga practice, sitting in silent meditation or collectively linking our voices in the sound of OM or a chant creates an energy like no other. When we join our hearts together in this way, the joy and happiness that is created in each of us is then taken with us outside into the world. It may be reflected in a smile to another person, an offering of support or assistance, or just the positive energy that shines outward. Community can be found in many places.

Maybe it is in your neighbors, your friends, an organization you belong to, or simply the yoga class you attend. A few years ago a neighbor and I joined together to create our first neighborhood block party. It provided a social atmosphere and opportunity for many neighbors to meet for the first time. Since that first block party our community has grown to be friendlier. Individuals stop to chat about family or local activities and wave and smile in greeting when driving by. Finding a group of people who share your interests can bring great enjoyment and fun. What do you participate in for a sense of community?