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Connecting with Someone can totally Change your Day

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that when it was over you had a sense of happiness and joy inside?  It may have had to do with the topics you discussed, or the jokes you shared, but it also may have been the connection you made with another person. Sometimes just the act of connecting with someone can have a large effect on how we feel. We also may be surprised who it is that generates that effect.

Not too long ago I met a person at a workshop I was taking. We chatted over the couple of days we were there, but did not have any lengthy conversations. Time didn’t really lend itself to it.  Shortly after we returned home she reached out to me to say hello.  We wrote short notes back and forth to one another about our experience at the workshop and other things touching our lives.  We eventually decided to chat on the phone, seeing that we live on opposite coasts.  It was an opportunity to expand on what we had each taken away from our workshop experience, our current state of life and to get to know one another better.  The time flew as we were talking and it was a pleasure to learn more about this person I knew so little about.  We shared information on books, speakers and teachers we enjoyed and thought the other might too.  We learned about our recent successes and challenges and shared stories about our families.  By the end of the conversation I knew I had found a new friend. I couldn’t wait to continue learning where her journey was taking her and continue to share mine.

It is important to have people in your life with which you can share a positive connection. Whether it is to share something great that has happened, support when something has gone wrong, or to join in with on a laugh these people can make a difference in your life and you in theirs. So as you meet people, even if it is through a brief conversation, see if you have met a new friend to join your circle.