I am very lucky, for many reasons, but today I am reflecting on community.  I have been very fortune to be a member of a few communities this week; each reflecting a different form.

Early in the week I was with 750 other people as we joined together to learn.  We came from all over the world and what led us to this community was the desire to gain knowledge.  We came in as strangers and many of us became friends over the four days of being together.  I hope will allow me to continue with this community for many years to come.

Today, I participated in a different type of community; one of worship and festivity around the Jewish New Year.  Together we sang, reflected and celebrated.  Although each one of us may have contemplated different points, and connected to different songs, prayers and thoughts, we were connected in our being together for celebration.

Later this week I am going to participate in another type of community. I am attending Deva Premal & Miten’s concert. (If you are not familiar with their music, you can check out ).  Together with others I will join in music of celebration and meditation.  Collectively our energy and sound will create community.

There are many different types of communities, and these are only three of which I am part. Community gives us the opportunity to share with others common interests, ideas, space, and support. I truly believe that spending time by oneself or one-on-one with others is a great gift, but it is as important to take the time to find community with others.  I am grateful for all those who shared in these communities with me and am excited about the others that I have yet to join.

What communities are you a part of?