Shari Czar Infinite Heart Space Virtual Yoga Kid in Bed

But I don’t want to

Let’s face it, there are a number of things in life we just don’t want to do. Resistance shows up and we have a decision to make, do we move forward or not? Honestly it’s not always a fun decision to make. The temptation to avoid the discomfort, conflict or challenge can be strong.

That is where avoidance and procrastination come into play. But just like the child that laid in bed not wanting to go to school, the option is “So don’t.” The key is the next line, “But I have to, I …..” If filling in that blank is a strong enough motivation or you feel commitment to making something happen you’ll move forward.

When I have something I have to do but find myself hesitating I look at why I feel I have to do it. Is it because I made a commitment; it will move my life or business forward; it supports a friends or family; the list can go on. Sometimes the reason I have for doing something is not even that compelling. Once I am aware of why I feel I have to do it, I can then weigh it with whether I value that enough to move forward.

So as you find yourself facing whether or not to do something, ask yourself why you have to do it and make that decision whether or not to move forward or wipe it off your list.

Share with me how you decide how to get going when you feel resistance.