Blowing Bubbles with Mother Nature

I love bubbles. I have enjoyed blowing bubbles (the kind from a wand, not from gum) ever since I was a young child. Bubbles can not only be fun, but freeing.

Recently I was away with my husband and after a long walk we sat on a spot of a big lawn, overlooking the lake below.  I had packed small bubble containers for our trip and as we sat, I pulled out one for each of us.

We began blowing bubbles laughing as we had our bubble adventure. Some bubbles were large, others extremely tiny. Some floated up high as they caught the wind, others landed on the grass right in front of us. We were amused when a bubble landed but didn’t burst right away, or when two bubbles merged into one.  As the wind picked up, my husband raised the wand and bubbles just started flowing from it. “Look, Mother Nature is blowing bubbles” he declared. I smiled thinking of Mother Nature joining in our fun.

Aside from just blowing bubbles, I sometimes put meaning behind them. Often to acknowledge what I am grateful for, I think of something and then blow the bubbles, as if each bubble shares my gratitude even further. I often find myself sitting for a long time offering the gratitude with each breath. More often though I use bubbles to help me release things I am ready to let go of. For each time I blow through the wand, I think of what no longer serves me and see myself discharging it when the bubbles float away.

Whether you want to set intention behind it, release or just have fun, pick up some bubbles and have some fun. See if you too can find that inner child in yourself!