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Ask Them if They Remember….

Last night I found myself watching an old musical on tv. It is a movie/play that I have followed since I was a little girl, and within each song I know every word. Along with the words, I have memories tied to each tune.

When I was a child, my mother used to play the record (yes, records back then) and she, my brother, and I would dance around the living room. It was a regular occurrence for us to bop throughout the room, and come up with our own choreography. There was even a song where we each used a cane, okay, mine was a yellow stick, as a prop.

Every time I hear a song from this play, these happy memories come to the surface.

At the time that our dancing to the album started, my brother and I were quite young. I wondered if he had any memories of his own of our personal dance troupe. I texted him to find out.

Yes, he replied, he remember us dancing to the score in the living room. He even remembered the stick. He also remember the hat. What hat? I didn’t remember a hat. What made me smile is that we shared memories of a time where we smiled, laughed and had no cares of what we looked like as we jumped around the room.

It made me feel good to know that we shared the memory and I believe that at least for a few moments we were taken back in time to how it made us feel. I know it made me smile and happy. I am appreciative that I took the step of reaching out to share with my brother last night versus keeping it to myself.

What happy memory do you have with someone that you could reach out to them and share, maybe bringing a smile to his or her face? Go ahead now, and call, write or text someone and see if you can too bask in the fun of connecting through a memory.