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Are you Positive or Negative?

Whether it is work or playtime, engaging with people who are positive and you enjoy can be the difference between feeling filled with energy and positivity yourself, or feeling drained.

Have you ever experienced being around someone who was always saw the negative in a situation, or wanted to wallow in the issues versus look for a solution? Those people can pull the energy out of you in seconds flat.

On the other hand, when you are around people who are truly look at the bright side, not faking it, and look to collaborate, discuss and share a positive outlook, the energy you have can skyrocket.

Let’s face it, we all know people who fall into both categories. The key is to maximize the time you spend with those that light you up and minimize the time with those that draw your energy.

Have you ever stopped to take a look in the mirror and determine which category you often fall into? Do you inspire others and make them glad to interact with you, or do you constantly complain and find the problems? The first steps is making sure you fall into the first category – like attracts like – so if you are not someone people enjoy being around, you will most likely pull the same to you.

After taking a hard look at yourself, then turn to those you spend time with. If you work in an office, who do you tend to spend time with, those that are creative and go-getters or those who are more likely to blame everyone else and the environment for their issues?  Which group do you think is going to provide you energy to be productive through the business day?

Outside the office, are you and others spending more time venting than celebrating the positives in your life? There is nothing wrong with venting, if it is limited and then you move to the positive. In fact, venting can be a good release, but keep it to a limited time for each person, as little as two minutes and then move on. Not that the issue may be resolved, but shift into what is positive about it or how you can change your attitude around the situation.

Changing your mindset to a more positive outlook, and spending time with those who do as well, can increase your energy level, your focus, and your creativity.

Share with me below one change you can make to moving towards being a more positive person.