Are You Courageous Enough to Take the First Step?

In a previous blog “When I Didn’t Have Dreams” I spoke about having life dreams. So many of us when we have life dreams don’t see the path to get there. It seems so farfetched that a change so big could happen to us. I have learned that there are a number of things that can prevent us from moving towards our dreams:

1. Fear: Fear of the unknown, fear of what if it doesn’t happen and worse, what if it does?
2. Lack of Support: When we choose to change things in our lives it can sometimes be difficult to find support from those closest to us. They may be afraid for us, in some cases they may be jealous of our ability to move forward because they would be too afraid to take that chance themselves, and sometimes they are afraid they will be left behind.
3. Overwhelming Feeling: The dream looks too overwhelming and we don’t know where to start.
4. Self-Sabotage: Have you ever had your Inner Voice say, “I want that but it would never really happen.”
5. Lack of Focus: When something is new and scary it can be easy to place our focus elsewhere to keep from having to face the new and scary thing.

There are plenty of things that can stand in the way of making a dream happen, the key is to learn to work around them in moving yourself forward.

For example,

Courage: Moving out of our comfort zone is a good thing, it helps us to grow. So, when are you are afraid know that it is your body and mind is trying to protect yourself. In some cases that protection is what helps to keep us alive, in others it keeps us from moving forward. Now I am not suggesting that if your dream is to fly, you go to the top of a building and jump even though you are afraid, but if you go to the airport and sign up for flying lessons with a trained instructor and you are nervous about it, that’s ok. Stretching ourselves can be a good thing. Tune into your courage to take the step.

Support: It is important to find people who will support you in working towards your dreams. If it can be your family or friends to be there and encourage you, fantastic. If you don’t find you can tap into that support system, or even if you can, reach out to others who are like minded, are working towards their dreams or have achieved what you are looking to do. Having people who can listen without judgement when you are facing a challenge, cheer you on as you have a success or can guide you when you need assistance is key in moving forward. To find groups who can support you go onto the internet and search for the topic of what you want to do. You are likely to find multiple groups to get engaged with.

Break it Down: Instead of looking at the end goal and trying to see how to jump there, take the time to figure out one step you could do to take you closer. Maybe it’s reading a book, joining a group, writing it down. Then when you have completed that one step, take another small step. When you break it down step by step it doesn’t seem as overwhelming, you can see progress and you can celebrate your successes along the way.

Be Your Own Cheerleader: One of the jobs that most of us have unconsciously signed up for and are very good at is being our own worst critic. Our ego tells us we could have done better, we should have gone farther, it should have been completed faster. Time to quit that job as critic! Instead of being a critic, be a supporter. Any time you hear self-doubts your brain is sabotaging you. It will happen, but when it does, tell that critic, “Thanks for your opinion but you are wrong, I am going to make this happen.” It may seem silly at first but over time you begin to believe it and that critic begins to be less vocal.

Focus: For something to happen, in most cases it needs focus. So instead of letting distractions get in your way of following the path to your dream, stay focused. As mentioned before you only have to identify the next step along that path. Set a date and time for you to get it done and set your attention to it. If you can find an accountability partner (this is a key action for me) who you can commit to when you will have something completed and they hold you to that date, it can be a huge motivator to get things moving.

No doubt about it, moving towards a dream can be scary and overwhelming if you let it be, but it can be exciting and exhilarating as well. Seeing yourself succeed at the small steps that move you closer can help keep the momentum. And if challenges come up along the way, know that is part of the process. Don’t stop or get frozen by fear, instead stop and think of one step to get you through that challenge and take it. And don’t forget to tap into others for help and support. Sharing your dreams with others can be a very powerful tool in taking it forward. You never know who around you can help you along that path.

Keep dreaming and dream big! Share with me one of your life dreams below and one step you are going to take to move towards it!