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A Stranger Impacted My Life

Often there are people who touch our lives in a way that changes us, yet they may have no idea of the impact they had. Whether it is someone that you have met; someone you heard say something that resonated with you; someone who did something for you or someone you know; or someone who wrote something that moved you, there are many who may not know the difference they made in others’ lives.

Many years ago, we are talking probably around twenty or so, I bought a card that had a message I needed to hear at the time. The card read

“To believe in life’s gift is to keep hope burning bright even through the storm.
To hold faith in your pocket and to see the whole of the plan through the eyes of your heart, is to know that all is happening exactly as it was meant to.” Flavia

That card meant so much to me at the time that I framed it, placed it where I saw it every day, and I repeated its message out loud each morning. It brought me great comfort to know that although I may be a experiencing difficult it was part of a greater plan.

I took that message to heart and continue to this day to believe it as truth. Through all these years I kept that framed card. It wasn’t always where I saw it, but its message still was carried with me. For the past year or so the card has sat in my room where I often sit and read. An inspirational place for me, but I rarely took the time to look at the card. Recently the card grabbed my attention. After all these years I still find it beautiful and helpful. I believe that the card came back into focus for me as messages do when you need them. I have since moved the card into my office where it sits on my desk. Here I look at it daily and find comfort that it is here.

Although I never met Flavia, this card and other messages of hers in the past stood as great inspiration and comfort to me. I never tried to reach out to her to thank her for the support she gave a stranger. She has since passed, but her ideas and words still impact me, and I am sure others. So thank you to Flavia and to the others who have educated, informed and motivated me, especially those who I have never met.

Who in your life has inspired or educated you that may not be aware of the impact they had? Share with me below.