A Family is not just made up of the one you are born into

Recently in my household we had a reason to celebrate. My sharing the reason for the celebration here doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is how it emphasized to me that family is not limited to the one you are born into.  Participating in the celebration were not only those I am related to by blood, but with those I choose to call family.

Although most of us are born into a family, we are not limited by those we consider blood relatives. “Family” can take on many shapes. Yes, you may enter into a marriage that brings you into a new dimension of family with perhaps in-laws and brothers or sisters. In addition to extending the family through marriage there are some of us who are very lucky to find people in their lives that are considered family.  I am blessed to feel that way.

There are a couple of women in my life who I would consider sisters. We are there for each other through it all, the laughter as well as the times we need encouragement and support.  We would do anything for each other at a drop of a hat. From a different perspective, my husband and I have friends who have taken us into their homes to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and yes, to support each other when life has thrown some curveballs. I proudly consider these people my family.

So in addition to blood relatives you may have family that extends way beyond what is traditionally called family.

Who makes up your family?