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Beginner or experienced yogi…
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Welcome to a place to focus on YOU and YOUR SELF-CARE while connecting with others in our Community.

Experience live virtual classes to relax, renew and connect with yourself and others. It’s all about you and your self-care.

Whether you’re new to yoga or experienced on the mat, every student finds his and her own path. Each class is different, providing variety to your yoga practice, body and spirit. I offer modifications to allow you to adapt your practice to what you need.

Join me and our Community before each class as we log in early to discuss, laugh and celebrate one another!

Hear what Community Members say about Yoga with Shari.
Discover the obstacles they faced,  what they discovered about Yoga, the Community and themselves.

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In each class, I practice alongside you so you see the pose while I explain how to position yourself and keep safe. I offer modifications so you can do what feels right in your body. Sometimes that means doing a gentle option to a pose, other times you may choose to take your practice deeper, or you may feel more comfortable doing a completely different posture. I’m your guide…your practice is what you make of it.


What does a yoga class have to do with laughter? We often take life and ourselves too seriously and what better way to reduce stress than by laughing. During our Community Chats we often are amused and find ourselves chuckling, or during class you may be smiling at one of my jokes (or shaking your head…you decide). You’re encouraged to be child-like and giggle as you fall out of posture…it’s all fun.

No Judgement

Days are often filled with negative self-talk and judgment…messages we tell ourselves...I can’t…I’m not flexible…I’ll look foolish… In my classes, no one is judging you for what you can or cannot do and I encourage you to leave self-judgment outside the door. Come to your mat and do what you can…JUST SHOWING UP IS A SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE!
I am your guide through your yoga practice. Everyone’s practice will show up differently. On days where you feel challenged …. showing up is success…everything else after that is icing on the cake!


Community has always been the foundation of my classes. The pandemic led me to virtual to keep our yoga family together. Physical boundaries were removed, allowing our Community to expand with members in various locations, both in and outside the United States.
Before each class, members are invited to log in early to connect with others. Sometimes I offer a fun or light question for discussion…or share what is going on in our lives. We often find ourselves laughing, something we all benefit from!

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Shari has contributed to:

Meet Your Yoga Instructor: Shari Czar

Yes. I am a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and a member of the Yoga Alliance. I also am certified in Positional Therapy, Five Element Yoga, and a certified Stress Management instructor of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Lifestyle Medicine Program. I have been teaching since 2000.

Each class is delivered in a way that you can explore doing as much as or as little as your body will allow. I offer guidance in how to get into a posture, proper alignment and variations to allow you to customize your practice to what you feel comfortable doing. Although I am the guide, everyone’s practice will look different. Taking care of yourself is the most important part of the practice.

Stress reduction, stretching, flexibility, movement are only some of the benefits of yoga. Whether you’re facing a medical challenge or working to prevent one, my classes are a great fit because you choose what you can do. If something feels uncomfortable you’re encouraged to modify it. Over a short time, many of my students see improvements both on and off the mat.

Yes! Sure you may fall out of a posture or find your toes seem miles away and that’s okay. I’ll show you ways to support yourself in your practice to be comfortable and laugh at yourself when your tree posture gets knocked down by that imaginary wind! Many people find yoga increases their flexibility and balance.

Everyone’s experience is different but I often hear participants say they feel: relaxed, more flexible, open, at peace, happy, and serene. Also, many have shared that the nights following my yoga classes are often their best night’s sleep.

Yes. My teaching includes various stress management techniques, including breath work, meditation, gratitude and more. I deliver these through classes, workshops, writing and speaking engagements. You can experience some of my teachings on my website and on Insight Timer. 

Prior to the pandemic, I taught in-person classes. In March 2020, when faced with staying at home, I quickly shifted classes online to keep our Community together. This also removed the physical boundaries we faced, and no matter where people were located they could join.
It was an adjustment but people have shared that the live-online classes: help them feel connected to others by seeing and chatting with others before and after class; are something to look forward to on the calendar versus choosing a video; lets them feel that they can do what they can in class without focusing on what others are doing; avoid traveling to get to class so when class is over and they're relaxed and already home!

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